As an independent consultant representing Donna Cona, we felt that it may be appropriate to advise you of an affiliation we have recently entered into with navancorp.

navancorp is a provider of Private Health Spending Plans (PHSP) for Canadian incorporated small entities, providing a very tax-effective means of covering you and your family’s personal health and dental costs. There are no monthly premiums and coverage limits are decided by the small business owner. Even if you have existing coverage through a spouse/partner, a PHSP can help cover those expenses which fall outside of the current plans categories and/or maximums.

A PHSP is simple to setup and 100% of the costs associated with a navancorp PHSP are funded by your business using pre-tax money, fully 100% deductible as business expenses. All approved health claims submitted through the PHSP are a non-taxable benefit to you and an Employees within your corporation. The savings can be significant.

Donna Cona has negotiated a preferred arrangement with navancorp whereby our consultants receive a discounted rate on claims, as well as full waiver of the initial account setup fee. You are encouraged to visit for full details on how Private Health Spending Plans work. For more information, you can email and mention that you are a sub-contractor with Donna Cona.