In today’s organizations, business systems deliver client facing services and back office operations. Our services focus on understanding the business need and assisting our clients to clearly define the business outcome, design the required system and deliver the end product.

What Sets Us Apart

A trusted leader. Expert and innovative. We set ourselves apart from other firms that offer business-management services and information-management technologies solutions in Canada.

We are a Leader

Being a leader in our industry in Canada means doing great work consistently, staying innovative, and having the geographic reach to serve organizations across our country.

At Donna Cona make the grade on all counts. We work closely and regularly with a variety of organizations in the public and private sectors. We span the country from east to west to north, with headquarters in Ottawa and regional offices and professional representatives in Alberta, Manitoba, Nunavut and British Columbia.

We are Experts

At Donna Cona we are a team of accomplished authorities in the critical aspects of business-management services and information-technology solutions for enterprises today. Our expertise in business management and information technologies gives our clients the means to improve their operations, reduce costs and improve their services.

We set up complete technology network architectures and security services for our clients-from design to installation to management.

We help our clients take advantage of the most current and reliable technical tools, methods and systems. We implement these new technologies using rigorous business analysis and transformation methods, comprehensive IM/IT governance blueprints and proven change-management procedures.

We provide our clients with vital information and communications services across the continuum of modern operational needs: We implement hardware and software products; we troubleshoot existing and newly installed tools and methods; we provide ongoing technical maintenance and support for technologies; and we design and construct complex data centres and call centres.

We apply the most rigorous and proven engineering processes to plan, develop and integrate high-technology systems for our clients. Our experience and expertise in using these processes enables us to define system requirements precisely, model data and databases specifically and implement applications in both client-server and web-based frameworks.

We are Trusted

Trust is an elusive quality. It is earned slowly, deliberately, incrementally, almost always over many months and even years. Yet it can be lost in a second.

At Donna Cona appreciate the nature of trust and its importance to our clients and to the success of our business. We gain it from our clients by providing them with exceptional service and by being immediately responsive to their emerging and unanticipated needs. We maintain and nurture trust further by making a conscious effort to understand our clients’ challenges and ambitions-making the hurdles they face and goals they strive to reach our very own.

Our devotion to earning and maintaining our clients’ trust is manifest in the many deep, longstanding partnerships we’ve cultivated over the years with many of this country’s largest public-sector organizations. These institutions include territorial governments such as the Government of Nunavut and key federal government departments such as Health Canada, Justice Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and Indigenous Services Canada.

We are Innovative

Innovation is a term that gets easily bandied about. In so many different contexts it’s no longer grounded in any universal meaning. Innovation doesn’t mean discovering or inventing; it involves taking existing methods and using them in novel ways, or blending ideas or techniques in original combinations to solve vexing problems or produce extraordinary results.

At Donna Cona we value and practice innovation every day. Our wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge of current and emerging information technologies empowers us to apply high-technology tools, applications and systems for our customers in a variety of ways and in a range of situations-from deploying specific blends of information technologies across organizations to developing customized high-tech applications to enable our clients to overcome precise business challenges and meet specific client outcomes.