How To Adjust Text Size On This Site

Any website text size can be adjusted through your keyboard.

On a Windows computer:

  • Zoom In: To enlarge the text and images on the site, press the Control (CTRL) key and “+” key on your keyboard.
  • Zoom out: To reduce the size of the site, hold the Control (CTRL) and “-” key on your keyboard.
  • Original size: To go back to the original site size, hold the Control (CTRL) and the the “0” (zero) key on your keyboard.

On a Mac:

Use the same shortcuts as above, except with the Command key.

Future Accessibility Upgrades

Donna Cona plans to upgrade to a WCAG Accessibility Level II with its next site build (date to be determined).

To provide feedback, ask a question, or request more information about Accessibility, please contact Human Resources.