“Donna Cona worked closely with our project team to develop a comprehensive and highly practical business plan for the creation of a national network of research centres focused on the post market safety of medicines.”
– Dr. Andreas Laupacis

Executive Director, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute,
St. Michael’s Hospital
Toronto, ON 
Professor, Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto

“Community minded business leadership implies a generosity of spirit and resources, Donna Cona continues to lead in excellence of product and philanthropic community support in our  city.  Building strong vibrant Aboriginal communities requires both leadership and a commitment to support capacity development through partnership and collaborative ventures.  Caring through sharing exemplifies Donna Cona’s corporate citizenship”
– Allison Fisher, Executive Director

Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

“John Bernard, President & CEO Donna Cona has shown personal and professional dedication to the First nation business community. John’s high regard for economic independence and entrepreneurship in First Nation communities is practiced and not preached. He is a supportive partner to many informally, has been an advocate, and role model for the First Nation business community.”
– National Chief Phil Fontaine

“From our experience, one of Canada’s most successfully inclusive companies is an Aboriginal owned IT firm in Ottawa. The spirit of Aboriginal Inclusion is alive and flourishing at Donna Cona.”
– Aboriginal Human Resource Development Council of Canada

“CAMSC is pleased to have Donna Cona as a certified Aboriginal supplier and a participant in our Council. We see Donna Cona as representative of the highest level of professional excellence and innovation an Aboriginal high technology firm can offer CAMSC corporate members seeking business solutions.”
– Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council

“Donna Cona is a great example of how Aboriginal entrepreneurs are succeeding in different markets throughout the country”
– Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

“Donna Cona understood not only the business and technical issues for our software project, but also the critical Aboriginal sensitivities.”
– National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation

“Donna Cona is the embodiment of an Aboriginal success story.  The company has demonstrated its support and commitment and to Aboriginal initiatives, including the National Aboriginal Achievement awards.”
– National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation