Reference #: 5352
Location: Gatineau, Quebec
Type: Sub-contract

Donna Cona Inc. is currently seeking Strategic Information Technology Security Planning and Protection Consultant, Level 3, for a valued client.

Candidate MUST have the following:

  • A valid security clearance (Enhanced Reliability or higher);
  • A minimum of ten (10) years of experience within the last fifteen (15) years working in IT Security;
  • Have performed, as an IT Security Consultant, any four (4) of the following tasks:
    • Identified threats to and vulnerabilities of operating systems and wireless architectures;
    • Developed reports such as Business Need for Security, Privacy Impact Assessments, Non-technical Vulnerability Assessments, Risk assessments or IT Security threat and vulnerability briefings;
    • Reviewed, analyzed or applied IT security best practices, national or international computer laws and ethics, IT Security architecture and IT Security Risk Management Methodology;
    • Provided IT Security strategic planning and advice to senior management;
    • Prepared briefing materials and conducted stakeholder meetings; or
    • Developed and delivered training material relevant to the resource group.
  • A minimum of two (2) years of experience within the last five (5) years supporting the design and implementation of IT digital solutions;
  • A degree or diploma from a recognized University or College with specialization in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Information Science, Information Systems or Information Technology Engineering or a related field.

The following demonstrated experience is recommended:

  • Experience within the last ten (10) years supporting IT security on an IT Modernization or IT Transformation initiative(s);
  • Experience within the last five (5) years performing any four (4) of the following tasks:
    • Conducted feasibility studies, technology assessments and cost-benefit analyses and proposed system implementation plans for IT Security;
    • Evaluated and assisted in the selection of enterprise-wide technology tools;
    • Reviewed and prioritized IT Security and Information Infrastructure Protection programs;
    • Conducted security testing and evaluation to determine if the technical safeguards are functioning correctly;
    • Participated in the implementation of security protocols for multichannel service delivery model; or
    • Conducted user support, knowledge transfer and service transition including documenting lessons learned for security.
  • Experience within the last five (5) years working on projects that utilized an Agile methodology;
  • Experience within the last five (5) years leading the deployment of new or existing applications to the Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing environment; and
  • Experience within the last five (5) years performing any two (2) of the following tasks:
    • Led and planned Certification and Accreditation Strategy based on GC Management of Information Technology Security standard;
    • Managed security risk based on IT Security Risk Management: A Lifecycle Approach (ITSG-33); or
    • Reviewed, analyzed, and/or applied Canadian IT Security policies, Canadian IT Security Assessment and Authorization processes, IT Security best practices and IT Security risk mitigation strategies.



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