Reference #: 5566
Location: Iqaluit
Type: Sub-contract

Donna Cona has recently won a number of multi-year contracts with a key Government client to provide a variety of IM / IT services, including Network Support Services, Application and Cloud Support Services and Project Management and Solutions Delivery Services.  We are seeking two IM/IT Security Specialists to deliver services on these contracts from Iqaluit, NU.  One resource who is to be a technical Security Specialist assisting the client with a Security Assessment and Hardening of network services (Servers, Desktops, Perimeter, etc..) and one resource to develop and deliver a Security Awareness Campaign.

The successful candidate(s) will have the following profile:

  • Minimum 7+ years of relevant IT experience; and
  • Related Industry Certifications such as CRISC, CISSP, CISA, etc..

Required Competencies and responsibilities:

Technical Security Specialist

  • Design, develop and implement a Security Assessment plan, validating the security posture of a large enterprise WAN environment addressing perimeter security, Operating System Security, Network Security, etc…
  • Develop and implement hardening plans to improve the security posture of the network;
  • Set and implement user access controls and identity and access management systems;
  • Monitor network and application performance to identify and irregular activity;
  • Perform regular audits to ensure security practices are compliant with organizational policies;
  • Deploy endpoint detection and prevention tools to thwart malicious hacks;
  • Set up patch management systems to update applications automatically;
  • Implement comprehensive vulnerability management systems across all assets on-premises and in the cloud;
  • Communication, collaboration and knowledge transfer is essential.

Security Awareness Specialist

  • Be responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing operation of an enterprise-wide security awareness program that educates and promotes a culture of security throughout the organization;
  • Maintain the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) training program by evaluating requirements, sourcing learning materials, and delivering relevant training;
  • Sustain and improve the awareness program by staying up to date on current and emerging techniques, and participating in industry events.;
  • Work proactively with security teams and management to consider key cybersecurity risks, and how to help address them via program initiatives;
  • Help define and deliver the program goals, objectives and tactics;
  • Create/write highly effective and engaging educational content using a wide variety of content formats, different distribution techniques, and engagement to ensure program has the greatest reach possible; and
  • Communication, collaboration and knowledge transfer is essential.
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