Reference #: 5629
Location: Ottawa
Type: Sub-contract

Donna Cona Inc. is currently seeking a Database Analyst / IM Administrator, Level 3 for one of our key government clients.

The following experience is mandatory:

  • A valid security clearance at the Reliability level;
  • Fluent in English in written, oral and comprehensive at an intermediate or an advanced level;
  • Over ten (10+) years of experience as a Database Analyst for experience as a Database Analyst/IM Administrator for complex* application development projects:
    • *Complex = two (2) or more of the following:
      • a multi-platform set of technologies requiring integration;
      • a multi-tier diverse set of technologies requiring integration;
      • a distributed user base;
      • requirements for high reliability and availability (99.9%);
      • Department or Government mission critical application.
    • Over five (5) years of experience as a Database Analyst/IM Administrator in support of medium ($2M -$10M) to large (over $10M) scale application development projects for Federal or Provincial governments or large corporations (large corporation = 8 thousand or more employees with at least four (4) separate business areas); and
    • Experience integrating at least one complex* application with the Receiver General Buy Button (RGBB) system to process electronic payments.

The following demonstrated experience is recommended:

  • Experience as a Database Analyst / IM Administrator supporting at least one complex application in the area of Fisheries Management**:
    • **Fishery management system that supports one or more of the following: issuance of licences, catch and land effort, quota management, fish health, monitoring and reporting.
  • Experience reviewing complex* custom application systems and developing a strategy to address system improvements and reduce maintenance effort; and
  • Experience in the past ten (10) years using Agile methods and techniques.
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